Friday, April 29, 2011

Still feeling positive

Yes, I am still feeling pretty positive about my food choices today.  I thought with my visitation with my son I would be tempted to gorge on chicken nuggets and ice cream.  But no I stuck to the plan.  This morning I had some of an omelet with turkey bacon.  For Lunch I had another piece of the omelet, piece of turkey bacon.  Dinner a piece of steak and fried zucchini.  I think I cheated here.  I fried them in flour which I think is a big no no.  ( however it was great to see my son excited about dipping the zucchini slices )  I included a pic today. I am not a big fan of having my pic taken, but my boyfriend this while I was cooking tonight.  In regards to weight it gives me an idea of how much I have to go.

 Oh and I also snacked on some carrots,celery and broccoli.  Another thing.. if you are considering the Atkins Diet make sure you have some sugar free gum available.  You do tend to get some bad breath happening..

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Week One

Deciding to go on this diet was almost imperative and very spontaneous with me.   I am a mother of a five year old.  I love to run and play with him, but this year it has been different for me.  I noticed my body not able to keep up with my little man.  I felt as if  gravity had a hold of me and that I was grounded to the Earth.  Then it hit me.. Yep I am heavy.  How heavy? I will be honest  190 pounds. I am 5'7 and over 40. 
 I have tried exercising before and consider myself to be active.  Active?  isn't that what  a senior citizen strives to be?  Oh boy. I am in trouble.  I have really never tried a diet because I am afraid I will fail.  When my boyfriend suggested we try the Atkins diet I jumped at the chance.  The first thing I did was research on line.  Low carbs will be hard but I think necessary.  I love the idea of meat, cheese and eggs and veggies.  Goodbye bread, popcorn and chocolate!

I have attempted this diet for the last four days.  I beleive I am doing well following it.  I went to Krogers to get me some minute steaks, chicken strips and veggies. I will be taking this to work.  So far no breads or no grains or no popcorn.  I really have to research about being able to drink diet pop.  I seem to be a Pepsi Max Addict!

 My hopes that I will continue this blog and keep myself motivated.  I am going to try the first phase for two weeks, maybe a week longer.  Lets see how I feel next week!  If you have any thing you would like to share about your experiences with the Atkins diet or dieting in general Please do!