Monday, May 30, 2011

Darn that Movie Popcorn!

So I slipped a little yesterday.. Darn that movie pop corn!  I didn't have a lot.. just a couple handfuls of my son's popcorn.  Yesterday the scale saw 175.. today back up to 176.. ( I love that! back UP to 176.... :) )  Any way I am not stressing about that pound as I know some bloating is contributing to that !  I have done well with my diet so far..I have been able to curb MOST cravings. ( Darn that movie Popcorn!)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Walking like big bird...

I woke up to 177 today!  I even felt like I felt lighter stepping up on the scales.   This week I received the pair of Skecher Tone Up sandals I ordered last week. ( kind of a reward for losing 12 pounds...)  Anyway I was excited to get them and decided to wear them to my graduate course last night.  The soles on these shoes are thick and you really have to pick up your feet when you walk. I felt very self conscious about the way I was walking.  These shoes really do retrain your walking.  I felt like I was walking like Big Bird.  I am surprised no one asked me how to get to Sesame Street!

Monday, May 23, 2011

One Month!

Today is May 23!  Besides from being a Canadian Holiday, today is officially a month since I have been on the Atkins diet.  The results?  I am proud and excited to say my total weight loss as of this morning was 12 pounds!  This weekend I was excited because I was able to slip into size 12 shorts! So overall not bad.. 12 pounds in a month's time!  I am considering moving on to Owl....just to get some more food choices.. However, I really do not mind the meat, cheese and veggie diet!  I think if i was missing a food right now it would be popcorn...But it is all worth it.
 I ordered a pair of Skecher shape up sandals as a reward...

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Up and down

Yeesh, my weight was mostly up last week.  Well not totally up but I wasn't losing either.  I took advice of some friends and binged to restart my metabolism.  Well not really binged.. But I did enjoy Chinese food complete with cheese wontons and a coke.  Funny thing though.. when I ate the Chinese food I felt like I had not missed anything. I only drank half the coke too.  I did not really crave it like I thought I would.  After I ate the Chinese food I felt like I was in in a food coma!  I have not eaten that much in weeks.  And I did not like this full feeling!  Needless to say I started the diet again the next day.
At the time of the "binge" four days ago I was 184- 185.  Well this morning I saw  179.5!!!  Hopefully this will continue to the lower 170's  :)
I also found my sugar free chocolate syrup.  I made one of those Atkins slushies.  It was good and helped me get over a chocolate fix..Hopefully I will have more progress to share later!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Finally I went for a walk on my own!  It felt good to exercise but I don't know how long my knee will hold out.  Walked a little over a mile. Still  doing well with diet.  No significant weight loss to brag about yet!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Two Weeks.. so far!

Ok  so it has been two weeks since I started this diet.  Two weeks of no sweets and very little starches.  No french fries and not even a bite of my son's ice cream cone!  I think I have been pretty good with my food choices.  However, I think I could do better with portion sizes though.  Oh and total weight loss?  Officially eight pounds.  I was originally disappointed by this, especially after having that ten pound weight loss moment last week.  But no matter. Four pounds a week weight loss is healthy.  I have been trying to drink more water less Pepsi Max.  Still need to work on working out!  I do walk at least four times a week though!  

Everytime I see a french fry or chocolate truffles I think about how good I feel now.  Not going to give in .. yet!  :)

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Grocery Shopping

Yes I am still doing pretty good on this diet!  Of course I have had moments of weakness.. there was the glass of wine last night but no major infractions.  I have stayed away from sweets and my diet mostly consists of meat cheese and veggies.

I have been noticing some differences in myself too.  I notice that I am not as hungry as I once was.  The first week it seemed I was always eating.  This week I did not feel the need to eat.  Yes I still get hungry but it is under control.  I am making good snack choices.  I am learning also that if I wait I will feel full.  In other words instead of eating more, I wait until my food settles in my stomach and I feel full. Today I only had brunch and dinner.  And I feel fine.

But I must have been starving at the grocery store!  I bought food like it was going out of style!  Well not really, but I did buy a lot of food.  I think this is because I was buying fresh veggies and lots of meat.  I have been purchasing chicken and paper thin steakettes. I fry them up at night  and take some in the next day to work.  I think I spend more time worrying that I am going to be hungry than actually being hungry.

I did look at the Atkins website to see about recipes.  They have all kinds of good recipes on it.  Today I tried the zucchini pancake and it was not a success!  Next time I'll get it!  I was disappointed that my store did not have sugar free chocolate syrup!  I will have to make those chocolate slushies another time.  I did buy those Atkins bars for any sweet cravings..

Oh// and my weight?  It fluctuates between a loss of 7 to 9 pounds.  Hopefully I will remember to officially weigh myself on Monday.  That is my two weeks.  I think I wil have another week of induction.. we will see

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Resisting temptations has paid off!

Oh my .. that beef burrito at work was too tempting to pass up!  I did try to take the carbs out by not eating the tortilla.  I tell you thought I was a little full the rest of the afternoon!  I did well  even though I knew it had re-fried beans in it.   Other than this my meals have been meat cheese and veggies.  I thought I would hop on the scale tonight. I did not expect anything, but I found I had lost three more pounds!  At night!  ( I wonder if there will be more weight loss in the morning)  This is a total of nine pounds in a week and a half.  I am ecstatic and even more motivated!

Monday, May 2, 2011

One whole week

Hooray!  I have went one whole week on this diet.  No coke slurpees, no chips, no french fries! ( sigh French fries)  The official weight loss is 6 pounds to date.  No one else seems to notice but I do.  I no longer have that I have that stomach is pushing against my pants feeling.  In fact I notice that my stomach and thighs are getting slimmer.  I actually feel better. I actually put together outfits for the week. I am energized for another week of weight loss!  I did walk today at lunch time at work.  I think adding a little bit definitely helps!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Almost a week

Well It has been almost a week since I have been on this diet.  Yesterday morning I dared to step on the scale and found that I had lost five pounds!  woo wee!  Today i tried to weigh myself in the middle of the day and had no difference in weight.  I guess lets see what tomorrow morning brings!  It will be one week tomorrow I have attempted this thing!
I have to brag about being good though!.  Yesterday my mother took me and my son out to Red Lobster.  It was a little difficult to pick out a carb free meal,not in the least to say tempting!  But I did manage.. Scallops, broiled, shrimp scampi, broccoli and a salad.  ( I accidentally ate a crouton before I realized.. hey this is a carb! :) )   It was tasty and I felt full after wards.  Another temptation, Easter chocolate.  My mom gave me tons of candy stuff!  sigh.. that goes to the office ( except the Reese cups and Kit Kats, my guys love them)

I have really been thinking about exercising.. I know.. I have to do more than think about it!..I hope to get some walking or X box in this week.