Saturday, May 7, 2011

Grocery Shopping

Yes I am still doing pretty good on this diet!  Of course I have had moments of weakness.. there was the glass of wine last night but no major infractions.  I have stayed away from sweets and my diet mostly consists of meat cheese and veggies.

I have been noticing some differences in myself too.  I notice that I am not as hungry as I once was.  The first week it seemed I was always eating.  This week I did not feel the need to eat.  Yes I still get hungry but it is under control.  I am making good snack choices.  I am learning also that if I wait I will feel full.  In other words instead of eating more, I wait until my food settles in my stomach and I feel full. Today I only had brunch and dinner.  And I feel fine.

But I must have been starving at the grocery store!  I bought food like it was going out of style!  Well not really, but I did buy a lot of food.  I think this is because I was buying fresh veggies and lots of meat.  I have been purchasing chicken and paper thin steakettes. I fry them up at night  and take some in the next day to work.  I think I spend more time worrying that I am going to be hungry than actually being hungry.

I did look at the Atkins website to see about recipes.  They have all kinds of good recipes on it.  Today I tried the zucchini pancake and it was not a success!  Next time I'll get it!  I was disappointed that my store did not have sugar free chocolate syrup!  I will have to make those chocolate slushies another time.  I did buy those Atkins bars for any sweet cravings..

Oh// and my weight?  It fluctuates between a loss of 7 to 9 pounds.  Hopefully I will remember to officially weigh myself on Monday.  That is my two weeks.  I think I wil have another week of induction.. we will see

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