Thursday, May 19, 2011

Up and down

Yeesh, my weight was mostly up last week.  Well not totally up but I wasn't losing either.  I took advice of some friends and binged to restart my metabolism.  Well not really binged.. But I did enjoy Chinese food complete with cheese wontons and a coke.  Funny thing though.. when I ate the Chinese food I felt like I had not missed anything. I only drank half the coke too.  I did not really crave it like I thought I would.  After I ate the Chinese food I felt like I was in in a food coma!  I have not eaten that much in weeks.  And I did not like this full feeling!  Needless to say I started the diet again the next day.
At the time of the "binge" four days ago I was 184- 185.  Well this morning I saw  179.5!!!  Hopefully this will continue to the lower 170's  :)
I also found my sugar free chocolate syrup.  I made one of those Atkins slushies.  It was good and helped me get over a chocolate fix..Hopefully I will have more progress to share later!

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