Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Grrr and double Grrr

I am getting frustrated with not losing the weight!  Yesterday at 179 and today at 177.  I did  walk last night with NO running as my knee feels like it could snap in two!  I am hopeful I can reach an all time low by the end of the week.  I am still  in size 12.  I have been eating mostly salads all week.  My garden is in and I have been picking lettuce regularly.   I am having lots of food cravings right now!  Especially for salty foods. I even went out to  a mexican restaurant. had NO chips and had a salad in place of re fried beans! I have been allowing myself to have some phase two snacks ( peanut butter cups and a cinnamon thing)  They help curb my cravings.  maybe I will have better news at the end of the week.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

It's been a while

Since I last checked in.  I am still on the diet although I felt it was losing it's effectiveness.  I see to have been getting stuck between 175 and 177 so I decided to take a binge day and start it all over again.  I did this two days ago.  Still at 177.  And I did  enjoy the  2 lindt chocolates I had!  I did not seem to enjoy the other stuff I had.  Seemed like I was just eating for the sake of eating I guess.  I think my attitude on how to eat has definitely changed!   I am walking still, however my knee has been giving me great pains.  No more running I guess. Hopefully I will see 173 again by mid week!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

New all time low

Hooray. I am a pound lighter than last night!  So my weight is now 174...Oh I hope I can keep it there or below!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Today I was craving some chips in a big way!  The one downfall of this diet is that there is not a lot of ready made food to snack on.  You have to make everything from scratch!  Thank goodness for the Atkins bars!  They are a quick snack that fills me up!  A nice surprise though.. I am at my lowest weight when I weighed myself tonight!  Hmm does this mean I will be at an all time low in the morning?  We will see!
 I have also been walking with a little bit of running!

Size 12 shorts!

This is a personal victory for me!  I have been battling size 14 most of my adult life!  I treated myself again to a couple of outfits that did include size 12 capris.  And no they do not feel like they are going to cut off my circulation.  But I tell you what they do.. These size 12 capris and shorts make me realize I still have a ways to go!  before I was wearing roomy pants that I needed to pull up now and then.  Now my tummy is right with the pants.  Not feeling so slim anymore!
I have been walking more in the evenings.  Even taken to running ( just a bit).  Nothing make you feel more out of shape than running!  But at least I am doing it!

I am also considering another binge day.  My weight has been going back and forth between 175 to 179.  Think my body is getting used to meat cheese and veggies.  When I think about what I would like to eat, nothing inspires me much. Which is weird, because I love food!  Maybe I will feel different tomorrow..